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    Rockstar EVOLV...

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  • Review

      Serenity Apr 30 2018 At 5:38

      Adorable! Thanks for being a great seller!

      Alexander May 09 2018 At 5:47

      These are fabulous. Quick to ship.

      Taylor Apr 19 2018 At 14:01

      Oh I love this old beauty !!! She will look at home on my

      Aurora Apr 18 2018 At 19:52

      Can't wait to give these to my mom to wear at my Rockstar EVOLV Thank you for the beautiful item!

      James May 22 2018 At 14:39

      Better than expected. Fast shipping.

      Danielle Cunningham Apr 14 2018 At 2:42

      The pictures don't do this slip dress justice! It is so pretty. I love the color also- sort of a turquoise blue. The bodice fits me like a glove and then it is all flare (fit and flare) so very flattering. This will get lots of festival wear this summer. Thanks! Oh fast delivery also!

      Madeline Apr 24 2018 At 23:35

      mannequin. Thanks so much.

      Nevaeh Apr 13 2018 At 6:17

      Thank you for a prompt, professional transaction - all good!! Many thanks :-)

      Serenity May 16 2018 At 21:48

      Very nice as described. Thank you!

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