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Penelope Patricia Green

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(55% off MSRP $190.00) SKU: #8689246 Add a classic touch to your elegant wear with the Penelope flat by Patricia Green®. Kid suede upper with a tuxedo bow and point toe for added appeal. Easy slip-on. Soft leather lining. Cushioned footbed. Leather sole.

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    (55% off MSRP $190.00) SKU: #8689246 Add a classic touch to your elegant wear with the Penelope flat by Patricia Green®. Kid suede upper with a tuxedo bow and point toe for added appeal. Easy slip-on. Soft leather lining. Cushioned footbed. Leather sole. Ok, and this Women Loafers Shoes looks pretty good on the surface. But do the actual reviews match the claims being made? Is it realistic to expect the best from this product? Should you run as fast as you can in the opposite direction? What say the customers?

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      Jayden Feb 16 2018 At 17:12

      Thank you for a prompt, professional transaction - all good!! Many thanks :-)

      Hailey Feb 22 2018 At 10:31

      Item was well packaged, quick shipping, no problems, great dealer. Shipping to me very fast and save my item.

      Luke Feb 14 2018 At 3:40

      Great Penelope Patricia Green condition and fast ship. Glad to have room to let out but otherwise nothing else needed. Thank you. KLH

      Liam Mar 11 2018 At 7:13

      Lovely item; received promptly. Seller nice to deal with.

      Noah Feb 25 2018 At 10:13

      My item shipped out super quick!

      Alexis Feb 13 2018 At 14:14

      Perfect color, arrived on time, wonderful service by the seller! Great experience !

      Julia Mar 05 2018 At 5:49

      Fast Shipping and the hat is absolutely beautiful!

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