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(25% off MSRP $55.00) SKU: #8450504 Make the Hot Dotty your go-to slip-on. Printed chambray upper. Soft canvas lining. Molded EVA footbed with antimicrobial additive. Cushioning sponge rubber outsole. Imported.

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    Hot Dotty Sanuk...

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      Isaac Jan 01 2018 At 6:13

      My item shipped out super quick!

      Daniel Jan 04 2018 At 3:50

      Beautiful & fast shipping. Hot Dotty Sanuk.. Thanks!

      Dylan Jan 08 2018 At 15:26

      Not only is the hat as advertised and beautiful, So helpful and professional, thanks again!

      Mackenzie Dec 25 2017 At 23:28

      exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

      Melanie Jan 03 2018 At 22:33

      exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

      William Jan 06 2018 At 6:43

      Such an unusual item, I love it, and I had just the thing to hang on it.

      Autumn Dec 10 2017 At 9:44

      GOOD. An amazing Product the shop and they replaced it immediately! Very good quality and customer service! Overall, very happy and satisfied!

      Amy Haddix Dec 20 2017 At 19:02

      exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

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